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ReelDeal Shucks Bot

Quickly query and see a list of the latest prices against their All-Time-Low (ATL) prices for WD White shuckables. When a shuck drive current price is 5% or below the ATL, a Link will be included to take you to the retailer with the deal.


Running /shucks will pull data on new, Western Digital Shuckable drives.

/drives <size_in_tb> <interface_type>

You can also search for SAS, SATA, and Shucks on eBay using the /drives command. Examples include:

/drives 10 sata

/drives 20 shucks

/drives 16 sas

Where the number can be an even number from 8 to 20, representing in TB the size of the drive. The interface type is sata, sas, or shuck.

If you run into any issues, please join our ReelTalk Bots Discord support server.