Overseer Notify Discord Bot

Overseer Notify

Notify your Discord server users when an Overseer request is made available. This bot uses the Overseer webhook which can be configured in:

Settings > Notifications > Webhook:

https://reel.api.stdlib.com/[email protected]/overseer/

A couple important things to note:

1. All Users you wish to be notified must have, under their Overseer profile, a Discord ID set

2. The bot requires Message permissions. We tried to give it the fewest options it needed so please approve the requested ones.

3. You must add the Discord ID to the Webhook, to do that, go to the Settings > Notifications > Webhook section and in the little JSON Payload editor find the {{request}} section and add this line:


Once you have added this line (don’t forget the comma), scroll down and check off the box “Request Available”. Save the page and you should be good to go. Give it a test run yourself! If things work, you should see messages like this show up when a new item that was requested is now available:

If you run into any issues, please join our ReelTalk Bots Discord support server.